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Social Security and Divorce–Common Question #6

Social Security and Divorce Most Common Questions-Caller #6 Question From Al–Can He Get Spousal Support if He’s Divorced? He’s 58 and just getting his feet wet learning about retirement and doesn’t know where to start. (He needs to read my book!) He had been married for 30 years. Both he and his wife have worked enough to […]

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Government Pension Offset–Social Security Common Question #5

What Is The Government Pension Offset? Will I Lose My Social Security Benefit? Caller #5-Marge-Why don’t people say anything about the WEP (Windfall Elimination Provision) and the GPO (Government Pension Offset) for Social Security? Answer-The show has talked about these, but it’s a good time to talk about it again. We’ve helped a lot of […]

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File and Suspend–Social Security Most Common Questions #4

Confusion between “File and Suspend” and “Claim and Switch” Solved Caller #4-Ron. I did the file and suspend spousal benefit at 66 and I’m now 68. I get half of my wife’s Full Retirement Age benefit. When I go on the Social Security website, I don’t see the 8% increase in my benefit. I just see […]

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Retirement and Disability Trust Funds–Social Security Most Common Questions #3

  $150 Billion Transferred From Retirement Fund To Disability Fund. Will That Affect My Social Security Check? Josh Jalinski, the Financial Quarterback, WOR Radio NYC Interviews Donna Davis “Back by Popular Demand we have Donna Davis…She’s great at making financial matters clear…You have a wonderful way to make things simple.”–Josh Jalinski Amazon #1 Best Sellers by Donna […]

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Claiming Strategies–Social Security 2016 Most Common Questions #1

The File and Suspend—Who is Eligible for Social Security File and Suspend? Josh Jalinski, the Financial Quarterback, WOR Radio NYC  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Josh Jalinski, the Financial Quarterback, on WOR Radio. Being on Josh’s show is always an adventure. He provides invaluable information in all areas of financial planning and he […]

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What’s Wrong with Disability? It’s in the news every day. We hear it’s going broke, and that benefits to the disabled will be cut. Is this true? THE BACKGROUND  Who gets Disability? Disability Insurance provides income to workers or their family members if they become disabled. This is not a public assistance program. It is not an entitlement. […]

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“Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.” —R. Reagan

Confused about where Social Security fits into the federal budget?  Ronald Reagan makes it perfectly clear. Watch Here:  Social Security is a fully autonomous program funded by payroll taxes. It is not part of the general fund. It has no borrowing authority. It cannot borrow from the General Fund and the General Fund cannot borrow […]

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Social Security-BULK PAYMENTS?

Can you get a bulk payment from Social Security? YES you can under certain circumstances. First there are a few things to review. What is your Full Retirement Age? Full Retirement Age is when Social Security deems you eligible for your full Social Security benefit. It used to be 65 for everybody, but the law […]

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Social Security: Costly Misunderstandings

A few days ago I did a talk at our local Senior Center. When I was first asked to speak my thought was, most of these people are already retired and collecting Social Security, they don’t need my help. But, I found that there was still confusion on a number of issues, even though most of […]

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