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Ecuador-#1 Retirement Destination in the World


It’s a beautiful spring day, 65 degrees and sunny, and you think to yourself, “If only it could always be like this.”

Welcome to Quito, the highest capital city in the world. It’s location on the equator and elevation of 9,350 above sea level, create the city with the perfect climate.

Quito is the capital of Ecuador, a South American country that is now the #1 destination for retirees worldwide. Move over Panama!

It’s not only the climate that keeps the over 65 set coming, but also the attractive discount program offered to pensioners. Discounts range from 15-50% on utilities, prescriptions, dental, transportation, and entertainment.

There are no taxes due on monies earned outside the country, so Social Security, pensions and retirement plan income are tax-free.

One additional feature is that retirees never have to wait in line. You automatically go to the front. It’s the law.

For immigration to Ecuador you must apply for the Pension Visa and prove an income of at least $800 per month. There is no deposit necessary to become a permanent resident. Other countries, Malaysia for instance, require a deposit of as much as $45,000.

Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar as its currency and that makes transactions easier. No need to do conversions in your head all of the time.

While Quito is a wonderful, modern metropolis, the country offers a host of living possibilities.

Cuenca is in the southern mountains and also has a moderate climate. It has a population of over half a million but has a low cost of living and offers great value for your dollar.

Salinas is Ecuador’s most popular coastal town and is a large tourist destination known for being one of the least expensive beach towns in the world. For beach lovers, there are many quieter beach communities up and down the coast.

Whether you are drawn to the city, the mountains, or a laid back, beach community, Ecuador has a place just right for you.


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While you can’t move there, the Galapagos Islands are a fantastic place to visit. They’re located in the Pacific Ocean and owned by Ecuador. Take advantage of that transportation discount.



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