Nicaragua – Retire Abroad


As you walk down the street, you are surrounded by brightly painted buildings adorned with festive flowering plants and trees. Founded in 1529, Granada is a colonial city like no other. Its unique Moorish flavor and baroque architecture make for a stylish, laid back atmosphere.

The city, though quaint, has the modern conveniences of cable, cell phone, and internet service. There’s an abundance of restaurants, shops and supermarkets that cater to the large expat community.

For those looking for an ocean experience, San Juan del Sur is the popular area. Famous for its fabulous surf, its beautiful beaches attract its fair share of expats. Restaurants, shops and bars line the main street and make it a lively party town. Quieter quarters can be found just outside town looking for a slower pace.

Nicaragua is working hard to compete in the arena for the attention of retirees and requires an income of just $600 per month to become a resident. The low cost of living makes it possible to live on Social Security alone while living in a country with the natural beauty of volcanoes, lakes, beaches and rain forest.

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